Plan textile

Plan Textile

You are a business operating in the textile sector and wishing to benefit from an offer suited to the specific needs of textile-related activities. Attijariwafa bank provides you with Plan Textile, an offer encompassing:

  • Financing solutions to support your investment projects and cover your operating needs;
  • Support in all phases of your export cycle;
  • Cash Management products and services for an optimal management of your cash flow and control of your financial flows...
plan relève

Plan Relève

You are a business wishing to implement a succession (family transmission or transfer) or to acquire a majority stake in an existing company. Attijariwafa bank has launched Plan Relève to help you make a successful business succession.

Plan Relève is an offer that provides you with a complete package geared towards financing solutions and support services suited to all stages of your project, whether you are a seller or a buyer.

Plan automotive

Plan Automotive

You are a business operating in the automotive industry. To boost your competitiveness and support the development of your activity, Attijariwafa bank group offers you Plan Automotive, a comprehensive and tailor-made offer specifically designed to meet all your needs:

  • Investment financing solutions to support your onshore and offshore projects through adapted financing, as well as support mechanisms in partnership with TAMWILCOM former (CCG), Maroc PME and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy;
  • Specific solutions to finance your operating needs, ease the strain on your cash flow and strengthen the balance of your business...
Plan al kheir

Plan El Kheir

You are a business operating in the agricultural or agribusiness sector and wish to benefit from a specific, comprehensive offer tailored to the particular needs of activities related to these sectors. Attijariwafa bank offers you Plan El Kheir, an offer including:

  • A financing offer by sector, covering the investment and operating needs
  • Specific insurance products guaranteed by Wafa Assurance: Multirisques Agro Plus, Multirisques Agricole, civil liability insurance for environmental damage, insurance for agricultural vehicles and machinery, insurance for machine breakdown of agricultural equipment..
  • Daily banking products and services
Business Cards

Business Cards

To simplify the day-to-day management of your business expenses and your employees' travel in Morocco or abroad, Attijariwafa bank has developed a diversified electronic banking offer suited to all your business needs. 

“Business Cards Solutions” is a comprehensive solution that provides you with a wide range of bank cards dedicated to businesses, aiming to optimize your costs, secure your transactions and simplify your tracking of expenses. Our range covers debit cards and reloadable cards specifically designed to meet all your payment needs in Morocco and abroad. 

Pack PME+

Pack PME+

In order to keep up with your ever-changing needs and to simplify your “daily banking”, Attijariwafa bank has designed PACK PME+, a package of products and services that meets your expectations with:

  • access to remote banking for a better management of your accounts;
  • digital services for an efficient management of your day-to-day and international trade operations;
  • a legal, tax, accounting, financial and regulatory information service;
  • exemptions on banking fees;
  • substantial pricing advantages on a range of products and business services.
Plan offshore

Pack Offshore

To meet the specific needs of foreign companies and Moroccan companies established in industrial acceleration zones, Attijariwafa bank has designed Pack Offshore, a package of tailored products and services including: 

  • Access to remote banking to better manage your accounts; 
  • Digital services for an efficient management of your day-to-day and international trade operations; 
  • A legal, tax, accounting, financial and regulatory information service; 
  • Numerous exemptions on transaction fees; 
  • Substantial pricing advantages on our products and services for businesses. 
Optimisation de trésorerie

Manage and optimize your cash flow

Attijariwafa bank supports you in rationalizing your company's cash flow. Our Cash Pooling solution allows you to obtain a consolidated view of your cash flow by aggregating, on a single account, all the financial flows recorded on your accounts.

At your points of sale, the smart safety deposit box secures your cash collections and expedites the crediting of your account, while optimizing your cash collection costs.

Paiements et encaissements

Payments and collections

Attijariwafa bank supports your digital transformation through a wide range of dematerialized, secure and multi-channel payment and collection solutions. Our payment solutions simplify the execution and the tracking of your suppliers' payments, payroll payments, social security charges, taxes and duties...
To streamline and expedite the collection of your one-off or recurring receivables, our tools are based on digitalized processes.

Financement de marchés

Financing of contracts

For the performance of your contracts, Attijariwafa bank provides you with both upstream support through various commitments in the form of bonds and guarantees, and downstream support through the implementation of a contract financing program, covering its end-to-end life cycle.

Indeed, our range of flexible solutions allows you to have access to cash as soon as the purchase order is signed through a pre-financing of the contract, and up to the issuance of the first invoices and the signing of the delivery notes through Factoring.

Financement des stocks

Stock financing

Does your business involve the building up of large stocks of goods? Attijariwafa bank offers you solutions to finance your stocks and to meet the cash flow needs arising from the build-up of these stocks: supply of raw materials, purchase of goods, build-up of stocks of finished products, maintenance of contingency stocks...


Crédits de trésorerie

Cash flow loans

Do you wish to cover your operating needs and ease the strain on your cash flow? Do you need loans that are suited to your business, to the nature of your receivables and to the payment terms you grant to your customers?

Attijariwafa bank provides you with the financial services you need to make your business concepts a reality and strengthen the balance of your company.

Overdraft facility, discount, campaign loan, tax loan..., your contact at the Business Center will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs and will support you in its implementation.

Financement des investissements

Investment financing

In order to optimize your investments, we provide you with solutions that are suited to the nature of your projects and the specificities of your company and your business sector: medium-term loans, leasing, long-term rental, etc.

You can thus finance, on flexible and attractive terms, your company's start-up and development needs, the expansion of your production capacity, the modernization or rationalization of your manufacturing processes, as well as expenses related to your investment program, particularly your working capital requirements.

Programmes d’appui aux entreprises

Investment support and coaching programs

Maroc PME has launched a new generation of support programs for the revival of industrial companies.

In terms of investment support, the Istitmar program, aimed at VSEs and SMEs, is comprised of two value propositions:

  • An investment allowance of up to 20% of the project value, capped at MAD 10 million for SMEs, and of up to 30%, capped at MAD 2 million for VSEs.
    An additional 5% support is reserved for projects outside the Casablanca - Tangier axis;
  • A technological investment support offer with an allowance of 30% of the investment, capped at MAD 1.5 million for VSEs and MAD 10 million for SMEs. This allowance can rise to 35% for projects outside the Casablanca-Tangier axis.

In terms of coaching and assistance, Maroc PME's Mouwakaba program assists VSEs and SMEs in their transformation process through offers of technical expertise, digital transformation and support for creativity and co-development projects. It provides financial support for coaching activities.

Fonds de garantie

Guarantee funds

In order to facilitate access for companies, and particularly SMEs, to bank loans for the financing of their projects, TAMWILCOM (former CCG), has set up various guarantees for investment and operating needs, notably Damane Express for amounts below MAD 1 million and Damane Istitmar and Damane Attassyir for loans exceeding MAD 1 million.

Moreover, in the specific context of the COVID-19 pandemic, TAMWILCOM has set up specific guarantees to support businesses. You can find them in the section “Supporting your company through specific programs”.

Financements conjoints

Joint financing

To support industrial and exporting companies in need of restructuring, to support projects involving renewable energies, to finance the purchase of goods and services of French origin or to support the completion of renovation programs for hotel units, Attijariwafa bank joins forces with TAMWILCOM (former CCG) to offer you co-financing solutions that can meet your specific needs.

Couverture d'opérations

Hedging of operations

As allies of your international and pan-African operations, we secure the payment of all your cross-border operations through the confirmation of export letters of credit issued by your customers' foreign banks.

Attijariwafa bank also offers you a Factoring solution to protect you from the risk of non-payment on your export receivables.
Other risk hedges are also available to secure your operations in terms of foreign exchange, rates and commodities.

Cautions, avales et garanties internationales

Cautions, avals et garanties internationales

In order to develop your international trade activities with peace of mind, our international guarantees allow you to protect yourself against the default of your counterparty or to guarantee that you will be paid.

Our customs bonding solutions defer or suspend the payment of customs duties and taxes.

Attijariwafa bank supports your international projects throughout their life cycle, from bidding to completion, through the issuance of administrative bonds.

Mécanismes de financement

Financing mechanisms

Attijariwafa bank supports your international trade activities by offering you a range of mechanisms to ease the strain on your cash flow.
Choose our refinancing solutions, in Moroccan dirhams or in foreign currencies, to defer the payment of your imports.
For your exports, we pre-finance your order books and offer you advances in Moroccan dirhams or in foreign currencies on your foreign receivables.

Instruments de paiement

Payment instruments

Depending on the nature of your trade with your international trade partners, Attijariwafa bank provides you with advice on the choice of the most appropriate payment method for your context.
With the support of a large network of subsidiaries and a number of correspondents throughout the world, we support you in the performance of your import/export activities and we guarantee a quality service and competitive pricing.
For a fast and controlled completion of your international transactions, use the “International Transactions” service available on the portal.



Directly process all your FOREX transactions via the “Markets” module on the portal. You can also view currency exchange rates in real time, as well as their historical trends. In addition, access the list of your current international operations to place your orders or request quotations online.

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Bank documents

The portal offers you the “Bank Documents” service, which allows you to access the archives of your banking operations securely, 24/7. View your bank statements, transaction notices and check and LCN images with up to 5 years of information.

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Bank alerts

With the “Bank alerts” module on the portal, you can configure and customize alerts on your current transactions. Get notifications of your balance in real time, your outstanding payments, events related to your bank cards, your due payments and maturities...

Online Trade

International Trade

In order to manage your international trade operations with ease, the portal offers you the “International Trade” module. Make your international transfers, credits or documentary remittances remotely, track their processing in real time and receive notifications for them. Once your payments have been made, apply online for the financing of your International Trade and submit your guarantee requirements.

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Cash management et paiement

Cash management et paiements

Access your accounts and perform your banking operations remotely via your portal.
Through the “Cash Management” module, you can view your banking transactions and make transfers, bill payments and reloads.

For your recurring payments and collections, you can send your files for transfers or mass debits via the portal and track their completion.

For greater adaptability to your organization, offers you the possibility of dematerializing your validation circuit by creating secondary users and assigning them access authorizations, as well as validation roles and limits.

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Placements bancaires

Bank investments

Do you want to increase the value of your current cash flow to ensure the financial soundness of your company? Choose our diversified investment solutions for optimized management of your cash and cash surpluses.

We offer a wide range of investments that meet your objectives in terms of maturity, security, liquidity and return. Term deposits, Bills, Commercial paper, Government-guaranteed bonds, Corporate bonds...all constitute a variety of investment options that can be recommended to you according to your expectations.



Are you looking for a dynamic management of your cash flow in order to optimize your risk/return ratio and achieve performance in line with your objectives?
Attijariwafa bank, through its asset management subsidiary Wafa Gestion, offers you a wide range of UCITS, including: Attijari Liquidité, Attijari Trésorerie, Attijari Monétaire Plus...

You will benefit from a personalized support, based on Wafa Gestion's experience and know-how, to understand your needs and to guide your investment choices strategically.

Ask our experts for advice or visit the Wafa Gestion website.


Convention Entreprise

Would you like to offer your employees a comprehensive preferential offer from the Attijariwafa bank group?

Our offers, which take the form of a personalized agreement according to the requirements of your company, provide numerous benefits linked to account transactions, mortgage loans, consumer loans, insurance guarantees and assistance services.

By choosing our banking and para-banking products and services, you can put together a special plan with competitive terms that reflect your company's social commitment to its employees.

Âge d’or collectif

Âge d’or collectif

Do you wish to set up an instrument of social cohesion, motivation and retention of your employees?

Through its subsidiary Wafa Assurance, Attijariwafa bank offers you Âge d'Or Collectif, a defined contribution retirement plan that will help you develop your company's social policy.

Its objective is to build up capital per member, through contributions that will generate financial income, which shall not be immediately distributed but capitalized, while benefiting from an attractive tax framework.

Vital Assistance Entreprise

Vital Assistance Entreprise

Do you wish to offer your employees a social benefit to reinforce the culture and identification with the company's values? Attijariwafa bank offers you, through its subsidiary Wafa IMA Assistance, Vital Assistance Entreprise.

It is a group contract that allows you to provide your employees with a wide range of assistance services in Morocco or abroad, 24/7, particularly in the event of illness or death, or vehicle breakdown, accident or theft...



Relance”, “Relance Hôtellerie” and “Relance Promotion Immobilière” loans are instruments that have been set up to help distressed companies in the wake of the health crisis to finance the revival of their activities. These loans, guaranteed by TAMWILCOM to cover working capital requirements, are intended for companies under Moroccan private law whose purpose is to produce goods or services (excluding financial holding companies and financial services institutions) or to operate a tourist accommodation establishment or real estate development business.

The amount offered in the framework of the “Relance” loans varies according to the sector and the profile of the company:

  • Companies operating in industry: 1.5 months of revenues.
  • Companies operating in other sectors: 1 month of revenues.
  • Start-up companies (with less than one year of activity): 1 month of revenues based on the projected revenues of year 1.
  • Tourist accommodation establishments: 2 months of revenues.
  • Specific terms are reserved for real estate development projects.

Attractive terms and special conditions are applied to the “Relance” loans:

  • The “Relance”, or recovery loan is repayable over a period of up to 7 years, including a maximum of 2 years’ deferment, and benefits from a guarantee coverage from TAMWILCOM of up to 90%, depending on the company’s revenue level.
  • The “Relance Hôtellerie”, or hospitality recovery loan is repayable over a period of up to 10 years, including a maximum of 2 years’ deferment, and benefits from a guarantee coverage from TAMWILCOM of up to 95%, depending on the establishment's revenue level.
  • A specific schedule is provided for the “Relance Promotion Immobilière”, or real estate development loan, which benefits from a guarantee coverage from TAMWILCOM of up to 90%, depending on the loan amount.

And to provide additional support to companies in this economic environment, Attijariwafa bank offers a number of solutions through its Relance offer, including investment loans to renew the productive apparatus or reinvent the business model and specific operating loans to improve the liquidity of operators.



In order to support companies that have been hard hit by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, TAMWILCOM (former CCG) has set up several guarantee instruments designed for organizations that have suffered a halt or a drop in business activity.

Damane Oxygène is the first of these instruments. It is a guarantee for an exceptional cash loan with a 95% loan-to-value ratio.

The loan in question is an overdraft at a preferential rate equivalent to up to 20% of the existing credit lines, with a ceiling of MAD 20 million, to meet expenses that cannot be suspended or postponed. If this is deemed insufficient, the ceiling is set at the equivalent of 3 months of current expenses. This overdraft does not exceed MAD 5 million for companies that do not have credit lines. The repayment is made in fine, at the latest on 31 December 2020. In case of inability of full or partial repayment at this deadline, it is possible to grant the company an amortizing loan over a period of up to 5 years to cover the outstanding amount.

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