Strategic analysis

In order to develop a strategy, it is recommended to implement a methodological approach consisting of several steps to be linked in a logical order. Each step is itself based on a certain number of analysis or modeling tools, which facilitate reflection and decision-making.

Business Development

The business-development function constitutes the life blood of any SME. Company managers are generally aware of the importance of this function. Nevertheless, questions are often asked: How to introduce work by objectives and make the teams responsible? How to ensure an efficient follow-up of the sales people and motivate them with a performance culture? Here are some examples of practical tools to support the manager and the sales manager in their daily management. These tools, which can be transposed to all types of companies with some adaptations, are aimed in particular at those operating on BtoB markets.

Project Management

Project management or "Project control" is an optimal operating mode to be adopted by SMEs in order to ensure the success of their projects and the achievement of their expected results. Project management, which can target both internal and external customers, is a set of methods and processes mobilizing several skills around a single goal, and this over a predetermined period. This management method guarantees the execution of the work in the conditions of costs and deadlines planned at the time of its launching. There are several methods that ensure good project management: the traditional method, the critical path method, the agile method, the PERT method, the adaptive method, the V cycle, the Prince 2 method, the Lean Management method. We propose below 5 computer tools for a better management of your projects: TRELLO, ASANA, FREEDCAMP, JIRA and TODOIST.

Collaborative Work

Videoconference is the most effective communication tool to promote collaborative working. If you wish to communicate with your remote collaborators, customers and partners, here is a selection of the best teleconferencing services which are accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers. The selected offers are the most compatible ones globally. The tools retained allow you to send and receive video conversations as well as audio calls. It is advisable to opt for a computer rather than a mobile phone which has a larger-size screen and thus enables a better visibility.

Creativity tools for companies

Creativity is a human ability which consists in imagining and realizing a new idea, a new concept, a new object, or in crafting an original solution to resolve a particular problem (transforming constraints into opportunities, generating new prospects …). Two modes of reflexion are harnessed in the framework of a creative approach: Rational logic which relies on scientific knowledge to achieve progress, Creative thinking which nurtures the capacity to imagine things and to innovate

Business Plan

In a competitive and constantly evolving environment, the leaders of small and medium-sized companies are called upon to adapt their strategy and their offer to remain profitable and perennial. To this end, they must invest in new products, new technologies or new work infrastructures. In order to be able to raise the necessary fundings for their evolving project, they must prepare a solid and coherent Business Plan. Upon the quality of this document will depend the capacity of the company to convince investors (to invest in it), to develop, or simply to stay in the market.