Strategic approach

When a company wishes to define its strategy, it should first break down its activities into Strategic Business Areas which [...]

Strategic Segmentation

Strategic segmentation is based on the process of tracking the main customer segments and product or service offerings. The cross-referencing [...]


The matrix is the starting point of the external factors analysis. It allows you to understand the macro-environment of the [...]

SWOT Matrix

The SWOT matrix is the culmination of a strategic diagnosis in the sense that it synthesizes the elements collected at [...]

Strategic (or, Competitive) Positioning Matrix

The strategic positioning matrices aim to position a company’s business activities or SBAs on their market.

The Mc Kinsey Matrix

The matrix, which is also known as Assets/Attractiveness, makes it possible to position a company in its market. But it [...]

Ansoff Matrix

This matrix makes it possible to model growth strategies, along the lines of two focal points—represented, respectively by products and [...]


An action plan is the operational translation of the strategic and organizational requirements arising from the diagnostic phase into action [...]