Global sourcing challenges: what are the impacts on Moroccan companies?

Attijariwafa bank and Bpifrance jointly organized a webinar to decipher the global stress on raw materials, freight...: causes, financial and regulatory repercussions on companies in Morocco, outlook and support measures in place.

On the agenda of this business event:

  • Presentation of the international economic context and China's role in the supply of raw materials.
  • China: how are its trade relations with Morocco?
  • Evolution of the macro-economic situation in Morocco during the Covid-19 crisis.
  • Impacts of the health crisis on the activities of Moroccan companies.
  • Support plan for French companies subject to sourcing stress.
Presented by Group of Experts

Mr. Victor Lequillerier - MENA, Turkey, China and ASEAN Economist
Mrs. Sabrina El Kasmi, Head of Economic Conditions and Marcoeconomics Department - Bpifrance
Mr. El Mehdi Cherkaoui, Head of the Corporate Desk - Attijariwafa bank's Trading Room
Mr. Amine Marrat, Head of Risk Policy and Strategy & Chief Economist - Attijariwafa bank


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