Prospecting and Import - Export strategy

This video presents the methods for developing an import and export strategy, notably triangular trade. It also highlights the steps [...]

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Importer - Exporter status

This video covers the formalities and procedures for obtaining economic operator status and specifies the requirements for operators carrying out [...]

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International agreements and export support programs

In this video, you can learn about the major bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements entered into by Morocco to [...]

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Choosing incoterms

This video aims to help you choose Incoterms for your international trade operations by explaining the different types of incoterms [...]

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Protecting interests, contracting and hedging risks in international trade

In this video, you can learn about best practices related to protecting your interests, contracting and hedging risks related to [...]

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Import and export customs clearance procedures

This video describes import and export customs clearance procedures, as well as the measures put in place to simplify them [...]

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Forex regulations

This video provides a general overview of the foreign exchange regulations that apply to ordinary operations related to imports and [...]

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Main measures introduced by the national policy on foreign exchange operations of 1 January 2020

This video highlights the main flexibility measures introduced by the Foreign Exchange Office for the import/export of goods and services [...]

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IBOR Transition

In January 2022, the global financial sector will experience one of the most significant changes in recent decades, namely the [...]

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